Among the world’s most prominent and talented designers, Barbara Barry‘s name stands for elegance, timelessness and subtle beauty. Every piece of Barry’s lighting collection is a celebration of her design philosophy of simplicity, proportion and harmony. We are thrilled to shine the spotlight this month on the designer of one of our most beloved collections!


We have a saying in my office: beautiful process equals beautiful product. I believe that any home or object created by people who truly love making it seems to have its own integrity – a structural integrity as well as a personal one.

– Barbara Barry



Barbara concerns herself with all the beloved activities of making a home. She understands the reason we care so deeply about the color on our walls or texture in our fabrics is that these are expressions of that soul-grounding activity: creating a place that nurtures us and our loved ones, a retreat that keeps us safe and strong and readies us to meet the world’s demands.

– Dominique Browning


I marvel at the power of simplicity; the way a simple design feels so complete – there is no desire for more. What is my definition of good design? That is it…no desire for more.

– Barbara Barry



french cuff sconce
soft brass


octagon floor lamp

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