{This inspiring nook in O’Brien’s Manhattan apartment features a Terri Cube Lamp in Alabaster.}

Circa Lighting designer, Thomas O’Brien recently released his first book, American Modern and it is wonderful. It chronicles the evolution of modern American design and the way that one can infuse a modern touch into even the most classic, traditional setting.  The book is divided into six sections ranging from Traditional Modern to Urban Modern to Vintage Modern. You may be thinking that these titles sound like oxymoron, but that is where O’Brien manages to surprise the reader.

{The Miró Table Lamp in O’Brien’s Long Island Residence}

This tastemaker has made a career based on infusing modernism with a warm touch. Unlike many modern interiors, the spaces that O’Brien designs never feel cold or sterile. He has quite the opposite effect. His masterful use of layering accessories creates an inviting ambiance and gives so much charm and character to each space he designs. The book includes O’Brien’s own Manhattan apartment as well as his gorgeous country house on Long Island. It is filled with personal anecdotes and suggestions for finding the perfect modern look for your own home.  American Modern, like O’Brien’s design aesthetic is fresh, modern, and original.

{Our Small Crystal Block Lamp in a Bar designed by O’Brien}

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