We love brilliant design, and we love total renovations!

One of our clients, Susana Simonpietri, Director & Principal Designer of Chango & Co. recently revamped her online presence. Not only does the new site showcase crisp and clean features it also features new portfolios and gallery images for tons of interior design inspiration. Now that’s a brilliant combination!

While we were browsing Chango & Co.’s new website, we came across a fantastic example of a hot new trend we’re seeing a lot of … white kitchens with modern and sleek lighting fixtures. The example below comes to us from an East Hampton Beach house that was totally renovated by Chango & Co.

The site is so easy to navigate, we couldn’t help but notice a delightful design idea in the living room. We spotted our lovely, Clear Glass Cylinder Table Lamps filled with sand. The sand evokes the beach and seaside living as does the color scheme used throughout the space. It’s open and luxurious, yet nothing is overdone.

They also did a marvelous job with the styling of the room. The mustard yellow throw and other accents brighten this neutral space. The color draws your eye to a particularly comfortable looking spot. Wouldn’t you love to be relaxing or reading a magazine right in the corner of that couch with light provided by the Studio Pivoting Task Lamp?

Below, an uncommonly striking example of what a difference a graphic pattern on a larger scale can do for a room. The mustard yellow is used again, now against dark flooring. The Fiona Table Lamps in Mercury Glass make this room a fun place to stop and check your make-up in the mirror just before leaving for a lunch date.

Here are some more beautiful images of Chango and Co.’s recent projects.

Chubby Baluster Form Table Lamps in Crystal

Payton Ribbed Cylinder Table Lamps in Glass with Polished Nickel Accents

Simple Cylinder Table Lamps in Clear Glass with Soft Silver Accents

We encourage you to stop by Chango & Co.’s new website for design inspiration, beautiful photographs and a generous sampling of exceptional design style.

Let us know if you like the behind the scene photos as much as we did!

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