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Adrianna Large Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers have been enchanting us for centuries.  Dating back to medieval times, long before electricity, chandeliers were fitted with candles  and hung from the ceiling to illuminate a room.  Chandeliers were most commonly found in castles and used to signify fortune and rank.  Around the 17th century, advancements in glass making brought down the cost of glass and lead crystal, leading to new models of chandeliers using this glass.  The refractive surface of the hand-cut and polished glass maximized the candle light  and helped to create a beautiful focal point for the room.


Sanger Chandelier

Although crystal chandeliers are most often associated with elegant, luxe interiors, the use of crystal in lighting has evolved to include many designs that compliment any style decor.

Daniela Medium Two-Light Sconce 

 Westport Table Lamp

Whether your space is lavish or casual, fall in love with the sparkle of our crystal chandeliers, table lamps, and sconces.  Check out our current hot list for crystal styles that are in stock and available to ship now!

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“Living beautifully should be effortless.”  — Aerin Lauder

Aerin Lauder, founder of global luxury lifestyle brand, AERIN, has a family legacy of stylish living.  As the granddaughter of beauty icon, Estee Lauder, Aerin was inspired by Estee’s brilliant business savvy, sense of style, and passion for family equal to her love of beauty.  Aerin started out at Estee Lauder in summer jobs, and after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School of Communications in 1992, Aerin began her career at Estee Lauder full-time.  She worked her way up through the company before holding various executive roles including Senior Vice President and Creative Director.  She maintains her role as Style and Image Director for Estee Lauder.

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Although cosmetics and beauty are a major part of her heritage, Aerin’s real passion is accessories and home.  Her lifestyle brand, launched in 2012, is based on the premise that living beautifully should be effortless.  The brand develops curated collections in the worlds of beauty, fashion accessories, and home décor.

 Renwick Crystal Sphere Pendant | Mini Warren Table Lamp | Culloden Table Lamp

AERIN has developed partnerships with E.J Victor (furniture), Lee Jofa (fabric and rugs), and Visual Comfort (lighting) to create a brand with a broad range and components that have been designed to relate harmoniously.

With a passion for art, travel, fashion, and design, Aerin’s own lifestyle serves as a focal point of inspiration for the brand.


Vestry Chandelier | Irving Wall Washer | Sanger Chandelier

Classic, but always with a modern point of view, every piece is created to make life more beautiful, with a sense of ease and refinement.

Click here to see our full AERIN lighting collection.

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Forbe’s Aerin Lauder on Building Her Brand and Stylish Decorating


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We understand project deadlines and want to do what we can to make sure you have your lights on time. Choose from the ever-changing hot list for items that are in stock and ready to ship. All items are available online or through one of our showrooms.

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The Greek Key motif is an important element of Neoclassical architecture and design dating back to Ancient Greek times.  Also known as a meander (named for the twisting and turning path of the Meander River in Asia Minor) it was one of the most important symbols in ancient Greece; symbolizing unity, infinity, and the eternal flow of things.  The Greek key motif can take a number of different forms; it is commonly comprised of a series of right-angled interlocking lines, forming either a continuous spiral, or a maze-like network of broken and connected lines.  The classic design was a popular embellishment on pottery, armor, architectural friezes, and many other works of art.

greek key

Today, the Greek key is used as a fashionable embellishment in both exterior and interior design and is especially prevalent as a decorative border.  Whether used to make a bold statement, or as subtle addition to your design — we love how the Greek key motif can be used to transform a space.


Savannah Sconce

Savannah Chandelier, Kate Table Lamp, and Abbot Sconce

Makis Floor Lamp

The September/ October 2014 issue of Veranda Magazine features our very own Gale Singer, Principal of Circa Lighting.  With a Corporate Office and showroom in Savannah, Georgia and a flagship showroom in Chicago, Illinois, Gale spends a lot of time in these two cities.  In the debut installment, Gale provides a best-of-the-best list of her favorite places to eat, shop, drink, and soak in the culture.


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